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Why Bitcoin has risen and will continue to rise

That Bitcoin Lazarus…did it again. Once again on his feet, alive and well, teasing those who had given him yet another funeral. He got up, but he didn’t just walk. He started to run, run, run like the unforgettable Forrest Gump. He was stronger each time, exceeding...

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Consulcesi Tech at the Blockchain Week Rome. The CEO Pacini Battaglia: «We are training the future experts on this technology»

Technological innovation has stopped in Rome. For the first time, the capital of Italy has hosted the Blockchain Week. The event, organised by Blockchain Management SL at the Mercure Hotel Roma West, gathered enterprises, experts and start-ups. Among them, there was...

Professor Rinaldi: «Blockchain regulation is among the good things the EU has done»

«Let’s think about the good things that the European Union offers, not only the bad ones. An example? Blockchain regulation». A few hours before the European elections, the economist and university professor Antonio Maria Rinaldi explained once again how Blockchain...