About Sanità Informazione

Sanità Informazione is a provider of CME credits (continuing medical education) in Italy and Albania. It is the market leader in e-learning courses for healthcare professionals in Italy and in 2019 it has entered the Albanian market with a dedicated product.

On the 22nd of May during the event ““E-learning & Blockchain: continuing medical education” we launched the new revolutionary project in Albania.

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Healthcare professionals in Albania are obliged by law to obtain every year a certain number of CME credits based on their profession. The public Ethereum technology is used to certify that they have completed the entire process: from the start of the course to the final test and the certification that the course has been completed with success. This information will then be used as a proof that all the law requirements have been met.

Aim of the project

A set of web applications and services will be made available to interact with a smart contract. This will validate all the steps and will turn them into blockchain-based transactions.

The blockchain will then store the data into Distributed Network Nodes to make the information safe and immutable.



The hash code written on the blockchain
will ensure the certificates’ authenticity


Real time verification:
all the various steps can be verified after a few seconds


All the certifications
are easy to access and are inviolable