Big Data Analysis

Data-Driven Decision Making Attitude

Our team is made of of experienced data analyst with multidisciplinary skills in the field of Business Intelligence (BI); oriented towards the creations of solutions based on reports, dashboards and analytics.

Relational and Big Data Models

We work on the implementation of Data Analysis systems based on traditional dimensional data models (data warehouse) or Big Data ecosystems (structured/unstructured data). These models are characterised by a large volume of data, a high variety (structured and non structured data) and speed of execution.

eal Artificial Intelligence Approach

Our objective is to generate value from data assets through the elaboration of statistical analysis using data mining methodologies and innovative techniques. The evaluation of complex functions is based on self-learning from data (Machine Learning/Deep Learning) and helps to support the decision-making and forecasting process. Classification, regression algorithms, clustering and neutral networks allow us to evaluate our forecasts through appropriate metrics.

Thanks to the predictive analysis it is possible to identify frauds or failures, evaluate risks and identify marketing strategies. There are several real world applications such as economics, tourism, telecommunications and healthcare.