Survey Chain

Survey Chain Presented at Dubai Future Summit

Survey Chain is a platform that helps to authenticate and certify the whole process of a survey: from the set-up until the data verification. In February 2019 we presented the Survey Chain project at the Italian Senate (read our press release) and in April 2019 also at the Dubai Future Summit (read our press release)


The purpose of this platform is certify all the various steps of a survey by using the public ethereum blockhain technology. Throught the process all the data is safe and immutable: each completed survey will have a corresponding hash and each transaction will have a unique id.

Aim of the project

The aim is to create a platform where all the statistical information can be verified at all times: from social demographics to professions, from geographical area to personal preferences.


The dates are certified and immutable

The entire process can be easily verified

All the data certified data can be distributed to the media

The platform can be integrated with any kinds of external survey systems