Blockchain, SSI and Digital Identity Projects: fields of application

Consulcesi Tech, which has always been at the forefront of new technologies, offers a wide range of services to the industrial sector ranging from Blockchain, Digital Identity, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.
Drawing on its vast experience in the field and its continuous research and development, the company is able to design and implement customised solutions for the most diverse sectors, guaranteeing constant assistance in all stages of each process.

Blockchain, Digital Identity and Data Science Projects for companies providing services to healthcare professionals

As part of the Consulcesi Group, a leader in Europe for over twenty years in the field of medicine and healthcare, Consulcesi Tech is the benchmark provider for Blockchain, Digital Identity and Business Intelligence projects developed for companies that provide services to healthcare professionals.

The benchmark for anyone working in distance learning

Consulcesi Tech is now a benchmark company for e-learning providers, to which it offers end-to-end services ranging from the design to the implementation of the platforms themselves, with particular focus on healthcare.

A service as unique as your identity

Thanks to its team of highly qualified professionals with a long experience in the sector, Consulcesi Tech has become the benchmark provider for issuers of digital identity.

From the provision of courses to the issuance of credentials, from verification to certification of learning

Expertise, commitment and extensive experience in the sector make Consulcesi Tech the leading provider for the development of Blockchain and Digital Identity solutions suitable for public certification bodies.

From FAD courses to the certification of a company able to follow the entire supply chain

Through its multidisciplinary team, made up of highly specialised professionals who are able to follow all phases of development and implementation, Consulcesi Tech is the benchmark provider for private certification bodies.

Soluzioni Blockchain, SSI e Digital Identity end-to-end al servizio di Enti e Istituzioni

La competenza maturata nel corso degli anni ha permesso a Consulcesi Tech di imporsi come provider di riferimento per le aziende e i professionisti che operano nella Pubblica Amministrazione (PA) e che creano soluzioni specifiche in ambito Blockchain, ma non solo, per il loro settore.