Professor Rinaldi: «Blockchain regulation is among the good things the EU has done»


«Let’s think about the good things that the European Union offers, not only the bad ones. An example? Blockchain regulation». A few hours before the European elections, the economist and university professor Antonio Maria Rinaldi explained once again how Blockchain technology will change the way we think of data security and transparency: «Every transaction is unchangeable and its registration on this new technology lasts forever. This means – said professor Rinaldi – that if someone, in 10,000 years, needs to check what happened today, he will be able to do it just by checking the transactions on the Blockchain».

Data certainty and availability are not the only two benefits that Blockchain technology offers, as professor Rinaldi explained: «It also ensures that privacy is respected, and all the laws related to it. But to do so, we need that all the EU member states harmonise their regulation. That is what the European Union has done and is willing to do, and we need to continue on this road».