Futura Stem Chain

About Futura Stem Cells

It is a stem cells cryopreservation company. Stem cells are taken from umbilical cord blood. The firm’s cryopreservation bank is based in Portugal and since 2003 has kept umbilical cord stem cells for more than 70,000 families.


The aim of the Supply Chain and Tokenization project is to exploit the Blockchain technology as guaranteed protection throughout the entire cryoprotection process, from the signature of the contract, to the certification of stored stem cells property.

Aim of the project

A set of D-APP (web application and services) will be made available to interact with a Smart Contract. It will provide all the steps and will turn them into Blockchain-based transactions. The Blockchain will store data into Distributed Network Nodes to make the information safe and immutable thanks to the Ethereum technology on which it is based.

After the cryoprotection has been issued, a Futura Token certifying the stem cells property is assigned. It will be distributed in the Ethereum main net in a Wallet that is allocated to the client.


Monitor the state of progress of the entire process using computer or smartphone through authentication and a unique security key.

Consult certificates.
A Hash Code written on the Blockchain will ensure the certificates’ authenticity and inviolability.

Redeem Tokens at the bank in order to have stem cells or make a donation to another user.