Here it is the diamond’s digital id: now there is a fraud-proof certification thanks to the blockchain

25.Feb.2019Press release

Following the fraud that has involved thousands of investors (including celebrities)

The hi-tech company Consulcesi Tech has developed a unique code containing all the information about the store of value, while the legal network Consulcesi&Partners is playing on that field to defend, inter alia, many swindled doctors

With Blockchain it could be avoided the scam regarding the sell of “diamons as an investment” that has involved thousands of savers. Andrea Tortorella, CEO of Consulcesi Tech, the Consulcesi Group’s hi-tech company, has presented a project in order to introduce innovations in the sector: “Blockchain makes it possible safe, transparent and certified investments as it ensures quality, origin and lawfulness of diamonds.

In this way – Tortorella adds – there will be no doubt or fear about being defrauded: when you will buy a diamond, you will get a digital file containing all the information about where the diamond was mined, where it was cut and with path it has followed. Consulcesi Tech has developed a “diamond’s digital ID” with a fraud-proof unique code”.

The scandal involved not just celebrities the caliber of Vasco Rossi and Federica Panicucci because there are many swindled doctors. While the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office is continuing the investigation, many doctors have already contacted the legal network Consulcesi&Partners to denounce the scam. “As a result of many phone calls from people who complain being swindled, we are prepared to assert their rights – Consulcesi&Partners adds. – Our clients have been asked to diversify their wallet through the purchase of stores of value such as diamonds. However, the investigations revealed an opaque situation in which banks sold gemstones twice the market value and received large fees”.

For a innovative approach to investments in the sector Consulcesi Tech, that has no concluded agreements with other players in this regard, plans to develop a platform for buying and selling diamonds in cryptocurrency to give a real asset against the background of digital currency immateriality. Here too, the contribution of the Blockchain is crucial: the storage of certified diamonds will be through Smart Contracts. This is an additional assurance for buyers: they will receive a guarantee to operate in total security and transparency, safe from fraud and deception.