Blockchain, Neirotti (EY): «Working with Consulecesi Tech on new ways to protect personal data»

25.Oct.2019Press release

EY together with Consulcesi Tech to implement blockchain potentials: the goals are the better protection of personal data and the technology development for company processes. This was the main focus of the side event “The Blockchain solution: data sharing for a better protection” that took place at the 41st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners.

«Some people think that blockchain and personal data protection are not incompatible, but it is not true – said Luigi Neirotti, associate partner of Studio Legale Tributario EY and among the speakers of the event -. Some aspects need to be organised well, but the blockchain is an innovative security technology, that might actually strengthen personal data protection. Under certain circumstances it must be harnessed, but it can really be applied in many different ways. Consulcesi Tech and EY are therefore exploring these new opportunities together, and there are interesting perspectives for future developments».

«Blockchain is a disruptive and promising technology – said Neirotti –. Studies show it will be further developed and have a revolutionary impact, just as the internet did 20 years ago».       

«While personal data protection is vertically organised, blockchain is horizontal. It is decentralised, and this is the power of the blockchain: it allows high security levels at lower costs. This is the challenge: protecting personal data by complying with the legal framework and implementing the huge potentials of this new technology. That is why Consulcesi and EY will work to find useful solutions», said Neirotti.