Fourth digital revolution, presented in Milan the “Smart Company” research by Casaleggio Associati

15.Nov.2019Press release

Revealed in Milan “Smart Company”, the research realized by Casaleggio Associati. The consulting society interviewed 350 company all over the world to understand the prospective and the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution. Smart Companies use exponential technologies as robotics. A.I., 5G and Blockchain, to save, in equal time, money or double productivity.

“There are some examples of well known smart companies – it is written in the text – such as Amazon, Netflix or Google. But there are some more examples demostrating all the companies could become smart companies.”

The use of exponential technologies will lead an increase of productivity  all over the world and open to a new economics perspectives.” “The recipe to change the rules of play – says Davide Casaleggio, Chief of Casaleggio Associati  – can be applied even to small and medium company, and those who do not, will permit foreigners companies get hold the market.”