Challenge to exchanges, turning point for cryptos on security, transparency and costs now you can invest in a regulated system

01.Oct.2018 | Press release

Consulcoin cryptocurrency fund: the first european regulated fund in the world

Approved in Malta the fund by “Magiston Funds SICAV plc” operating on cryptos


The Malta Financial Security Authority has issued the license for ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund, the first European regulated investment fund in the world dedicated to listed companies and financial products based on the Blockchain technology and the main cryptocurrencies. This is the latest project of “Magiston Funds Sicav Plc”, a regulated Malta-based SICAV. It has been created thanks to the expertise of Consulcesi Tech, a leading hi-tech company on Blockchain and Cybersecurity, born as a spin-off within Consulcesi Group, the biggest European company dedicated to healthcare professionals, with decades of experience in technological, financial, legal and insurance services.
ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund aims to overcome the old exchange system, which has shown considerable criticalities especially on security, proposing an alternative instrument able to guarantee transparency and convenience for professional investors. In addition, the use of modern technology such as blockchain reduces substantially the fees for each single transaction. This all together, in a regulated framework, can provide institutional investors with a solution that could add an interesting diversification to their portfolio.
This moment is particularly favorable for investing in the cryptocurrency sector – explains Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi, who has promoted the fund. The entry point is extremely favorable because the prices have now exceeded the volatility of recent months, granting a substantial balance for investors: this year the quote has never fallen below $ 5,000, almost double compared with the $ 3,500 of 2017. According to economists and experts, the sector should be analyzed in the medium-long term and – according to Bloomberg data – since 2015 the Bitcoin has recorded an increase of over 1,400 percent and since 2014 this number grows over 2,000 percent. We calculate to operate in a sector characterized by real growth forecasts. This thanks also to ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund: its regulation allows institutional investors to focus their own businesses on technology, guaranteeing transparent investments and a clear tax rate for the protection of all stakeholders”.
Over the last 18 months Consulcesi Tech, together with a group of international experts, has performed an in-depth analysis of the crypto market focusing in particular on market valuation price volatility and inhered investors and settlement risks.
Among the fintech experts involved we find: Core Asset Management SA, a company with over 20 years of experience in asset management in Switzerland; Aurum Trust & Finance SA, an independent Swiss Family Office with an extensive track-record in consultancy, financial innovations and asset management strategies; Mashfrog SpA, one of the leading fintech companies with a great expertise in the Blockchain Tokens and smart contracts creation who launched the first European ICO of RoboAdvisor; Link Campus University, a leading university in the Italian and international field, which for years has been investing in the education of the main Blockchain specialists.
This team of specialist will continue to monitor the rapid evolution on the fintech market, creating valuable synergies in asset allocation, investment management and risk management of cryptocurrency portfolios. Consulcesi Tech will profit in the future from this expertise and believes that a rigorous and structured investment process can generate continuous returns and volatility reduction.


Consulcesi Tech applies its own technologies to many fields: for example healthcare, energy, finance. It is already the reference point for cutting-edge solutions regarding the Blockchain in the area of Ticino, in Switzerland, and it serves as consultant for several countries, especially for Albania and Eastern Europe countries. It has been chosen by the Moldavian Ministry of Economy as a partner in the development of the local Technological Innovation Park.
Consulcesi Tech bases its own activities on the “Blockchain value model” for a new integrated vertical approach to better express the potential of this technology. It has four constituent elements:

1. A Blockchain-based startup incubator;
2. An “ecofriendly” system for cryptocurrency mining (on the direct mandate of the Moldovan Government, Consulcesi Tech built and launched the largest local photovoltaic plant, a 100 percent environmentally sustainable facility for the biggest mining farm in the country);
3. A Fintech infrastructure for sector investments;
4. A dedicated hub made by the main stakeholders (investors, developers etc…).

To spread awareness on the future technological revolution, Consulcesi Tech is also involved in education projects to explain to what Blockchain is and how it will radically change our lives. This is why Andrea and Massimo Tortorella, respectively Ceo of Consulcesi Tech and President of Consulcesi Group, wrote the book “Crypto-Revelation. Why there is no turning back from Blockchain and digital currencies” (publishing by Paesi Edizioni), with the influential contribution of the economist Edward Luttwak, author of the foreword. In addition, Consulcesi Tech, jointly with Link Campus University of Rome, has launched a Masters in “Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Economy” that will start in February 2019. It is the first European postgraduate course on the subject payable with digital coins.

We want to cover all the cycle, a real ‘Block-value-chain’“» explains Andrea Tortorella, CEO of Consulcesi Tech, “We start from the sun to create energy, then mining farm, Blockchain platform development, software services supply finishing with investments, thanks to ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund, to accelerate quality ICO’s, paying particular attention to the reliability of the technological and entrepreneurial projects”.

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