Blockchain, the EU is already late. A plea from Italy: “We need regulation, we want to become the main characters”

11.Oct.2018Press release, Press release Infocoin

The EU Institutions have confronted each other to fill the gaps in order to grasp the benefits and challenges of the Blockchain. It happened at the EU Parliament during the presentation of the book “Crypto-Revelation”, written by the Italian entrepreneurs Andrea and Massimo Tortorella

Consulcoin Cryptocurrency Fund: the first European regulated fund in the world, created jointly with Mashfrog SpA, a leading fintech company

Consulcesi Tech and Link Campus University will soon inaugurate an MBA in “Blockchain and Economics of Cryptocurrencies”


BRUSSELS – “We need legal certainty to let this technology developMEP Eva Kaili, the author of the Blockchain resolution recently adopted by the EU Parliament, explained during the presentation of the book “Crypto-Revelation. Why there is no turning back from Blockchain and digital currencies” (published by Paesi Edizioni), written by Andrea and Massimo Tortorella, in Brussels.
These two entrepreneurs, respectively CEO of Consulcesi Tech and President of Consulcesi Group, also met Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, to bring to the attention of the main EU institutions the Italian will to become the main character of this new digital paradigm.

However, further delays could jeopardise the EU’s ability to become the global leading Blockchain hub. “In Europe we have waited too long, now we have to recover in time to become the first in the world”, MEP Andreas Schwab, member of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection and speaker at the presentation of “Crypto-Revelation”, underlined.

In Brussels we have heard a clear desire by both the President of the European Parliament and the President of the European Commission to regulate the fintech sector. The world is moving to market regulation“, Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi Group, said.

We are here to reaffirm the concept that Italy is hereAndrea Tortorella, CEO of Consulcesi Tech, concluded, – and I think that our country has the great will to become a main character. Every country must help to define the rules of the game of this technology”.

Recently, in fact, the Malta Financial Security Authority has released the license for ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund. The first regulated investment fund in Europe dedicated to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology was in fact created thanks to Consulcesi Tech, a high-tech company that operates in the Blockchain and Cybersecurity fields, founded as a spin-off of Consulcesi Group, a European firm dedicated to healthcare professionals, with decades of experience in technological, financial, legal and insurance services. Among the experts involved there are: Core Asset Management SA, Swiss firm with more than 20 years of experience in the asset management field; Aurum Trust & Finance SA, an independent Swiss Family Office that has had extensive experience in advice, financial innovation and asset management strategies; Mashfrog SpA, one of the most important firms of the fintech sector with great expertise in the generation of Token blockchain and in the realisation of smart contracts, that has launched the first European ICO of RoboAdvisor. Moreover, Consulcesi Tech, together with the Link Campus University in Rome, will soon inaugurate an MBA in
“Blockchain and Economics of Cryptocurrencies”. It is the first post-graduate course in Europe on the subject, and it will be possible to pay for it using digital currencies.