Survey, no more fake news with the blockchain. Transparency, inalterability and data security for health surveys and research

21.Feb.2019Press release

“Survey chain” project has been presented in the italian senate: the Consulcesi Tech prototype is immediately available

The partnership with IQVIA has been announced for safe and traceable medicines and immutable clinical trials


Audited health surveys, certified ECM education, stem cells cryopreservation traceability and guarantee of pharmaceutical supply chain: the Healthcare digital revolution comes true during the meeting entitled “Blockchain in Healthcare: opportunities and prospects” which took place in the Italian Senate



The first prototype for fake news-proof and cyber risks-free polls, research and health surveys has been presented in the Italian Senate. The “Survey Chain” project has been explained through a live practical demonstration by Andrea Tortorella, CEO of Consulcesi Tech. It has captured the attention of an audience made up of experts and politicians that were present at the meeting entitled “Blockchain in Healthcare: opportunities and prospects” organized by Pierpaolo Sileri, President of the Senate’s Health Commission. That experiment showed that by applying the blockchain technology to data collection it is possible to have definitive and unalterable results. In this way the risk of tampering and fake news – which are often the main topics of news and are essential in healthcare – are avoided.

Blockchain and Healthcare are a virtuous combination which is going to renew National Healthcare Systems all over the world thanks to key features of the Blockchain technology: decentralisation, transparency, security and inviolability. “Italy has to lead this technological revolution – Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi Tech, stresses – considering that our National Health System is constantly under pressure also because of the gradual ageing of the population. To be able to meet the health needs of citizens we must have an in-depth knowledge of their requirements – Massimo Tortorella adds. – Now it is possible through fake news-proof audited health surveys thanks to the Blockchain: this is a real trust chain”.

Surveys abouth health and adequacy of healthcare services and questionnaires in the field of the insurance policy are just some of the key points that can best be addressed with the Blockchain to get audited answers for the improvement of the services offered to citizens. Blockchain is setting a new standard for the health data management starting with medical records: they will become part of a shareable and unchanging database available for medical staff respecting the patient’s privacy and avoiding IT risks.

Healthcare constitutes a privileged area for the Blockchain – Andrea Tortorella, Vice President of the Link Campus University’s Blockchain Observatory and CEO of Consulcesi Tech, explains – and lots of innovative projects that we are pursuing prove it: a certified ECM training, a project that we have developed in Albania by virtue of its vocation for digital innovation, the traceability of the stem cell cryopreservation, a partnership with IQVIA in order to a full transparency of the pharmaceutical supply chain and the assurance of the clinical trial inalterability to name but a few”.