«Scepticism towards Blockchain? History is just repeating itself»


«The war between good and evil has always existed and will always exist. Thieves started to learn how to unlock safes with a locker, then with more sophisticated systems. Then, they learned how to get in banks and steal money, now they are learning how to steal data and block airports. The level is raising, but hackers concern the whole world we live in and Blockchain technology can help preventing their actions. But to those who fear that Blockchain might be hacked too, I say: it is very difficult that it happens, but in the fight between good and bad people, this technology cannot be unaccepted because of such fear».

With these words the President of Consulcesi Group, Massimo Tortorella, commented the scepticism that is still referred to new technologies, Blockchain included, while dealing with cybersecurity. But it is not the first time that innovation is welcomed this way, as President Tortorella underlined: «We experienced the same scepticism when the radio or the television were born. Some people thought they were instruments created by the devil».

«Later on, 20 years ago – said Tortorella – the Internet changed our lives, nonetheless people were afraid of it. And the same fear still exists: just think about the boom of social networks, that are so much influencing today’s world and made President of the USA a person that the communication system didn’t accept».
«Those systems that need control over different sectors – said he – see in the Internet and in new technologies an enemy. That’s why some are trying to hinder this change. History is just repeating itself».