The revolution blockchain changes the Health, safety, and anti-fake

22.Feb.2019Press release

A doctor turns on the computer and enters a different world: that of people who are taking care of.

The revolution comes from the Blockchain: a data system for access to the clinical history of the patients no longer need medical records to carry from one place to another, analysis from withdraw, without more bureaucracy and loss of time.
How can change the Health with the Blockchain, how it can change the organization of the national health Service, thanks to technology, the traceability of the information accessible to all, but guaranteed by the security of the cryptographic techniques it is spoken today in the Senate, in the course of the conference “the Blockchain in Health care: opportunities and prospects”. “The organization of the health care system can change a lot, you can evolve, improve and, above all, grow and velocizzarsi. Not to mention the huge cost savings and how all of this can be done in terms of training and continuous medical education”, said the president of the Hygiene and Health Commission of the Senate, Pierpaolo Sileri. “After years of cuts, you need to start to invest, he continued, the Blockchain can help to control the patients, to follow them. The networking of all the regional services is a very important service”.

And the quality of the service itself is a saving. “The data collections in the Health sector can be made more efficient through the application of technology Blockchain.Polls, surveys on the adequacy of the performance and health questionnaires, get answers, verified, and then useful to improve the services offered to the citizens”, explained Massimo Tortorella, president of Consulcesi, the leading group in Europe dedicated to the professionals in the health and medical. And he added: “it Will be the Blockchain to establish a new standard for the management of health data, from medical records: with this technology, the data will become part of a database that is shareable, and can be consulted by the medical staff, in full respect of the privacy of the patients and avoiding the risks.The savings to the health care System is around 5 billion a year”.

And again: “the Blockchain does not mean to block something, it means the Protocol of trust, does it mean to have certified data for use in the people’s health””Health is a privileged field for the application of the Blockchain,” said Andrea Tortorella, vice-president of the Observatory Blockchain Link Campus University and of Consulcesi Tech.

From the ECM training certified, to the traceability of the cryopreservation of the stem, up to a partnership with a services company for the healthcare Iqvia to ensure the durability of the clinical trial and in the context of the chain of distribution of the drug to make it completely transparent”. The conference was attended, among others, the vice-president of the european Parliament Fabio Massimo Castaldo, Massimo Tortorella, president of the Consulcesi, and Andrea Tortorella, of the Observatory Blockchain Link Campus University. . .