Blockchain and healthcare, PM of Albania Rama: «This technology will change the world»

28.May.2019Press release

«Today marks a historical evolution of the Albanian healthcare system. We are in fact introducing a product that we consider an excellency, and I’m not exaggerating. It is from Italy, like Ferrari or Ferrero, and it is offered to all our healthcare professionals by Consulcesi», that is defined as «one of the international benchmarks in the e-learning field and one of the most prestigious innovative brands, not only of Italy but of the whole world». This is how Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania, welcomed the introduction of an innovative instrument for the continuous medical education of Albanian physicians. It is a distance learning platform that is completely based on Blockchain, the famous technology on which cryptocurrencies work. An innovation that ensures higher quality of continuous education and that will let more and more doctors fulfil their duty of compulsory training. Healthcare professionals who are not trained enough are not only an Italian problem (20% of Italian doctors do not respect the continuous education duty), but are also of concern for all the countries where they must respect post-university compulsory education. For this reason, Consulcesi Group has been working for years to find the best solutions to make doctors keep up with their profession and patients’ needs.    

«No one can run away from this system – said the Prime Minister at the presentation event – because it is not a traditional e-learning platform, but a Blockchain-based platform. This means the end of tricks in healthcare and of fake pieces of paper and false certificates to show the continuous education duty has been fulfilled».

«Blockchain – said Rama – represents a step towards the deep transformation of the whole world’s digital system, because it ensures better security and unchangeable traceability. It is a system that will ease the continuous education process for all healthcare professionals and inform in real time about everything that is going on in every medical specialty. It is – said Rama – a system that’s been tested worldwide, and now we just need to see how it will transform the digital sector by spreading in every single aspect of our lives and in the management of different sectors, companies and human relations».      

Also the Albanian Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, was at the presentation event of this brand new vision of medical training: «The fact that healthcare professionals must be continuously educated guarantees they are always up-to-dated and work by knowing the last scientific discoveries and news. E-learning provides the professionals with the chance of training wherever they are: they just need a computer and Internet connection and enter safe continuous education platforms. This is the best time – said the Minister at the end of her speech – to use Blockchain technology in order to certify professionals’ education without the risk of falsification».

At the same event Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi, said that «Blockchain can improve the e-learning sector in a unique way. Consulcesi Tech offers a product that can certify education in an unequivocal manner. We are dealing with a best practice that, starting from Albania, we will introduce to the whole world».