Blockchain, Massimo Tortorella: «It is a revolution for all services»


«Blockchain technology radically and globally changes all kinds of services». Massimo Tortorella, president of Consulcesi, has no doubts about this. And the sectors he thinks will be affected by this revolutionary and multifaceted technology are so different, but so important for everybody’s daily life, that it seems impossible they can be somehow associated.

«Let’s start thinking about justice – he explains -. By registering every fact and right in a secure and certain way, Blockchain technology will reduce the number of controversies. But it also affects the healthcare sector, because the whole certification of the patient’s status of health that the Blockchain can offer will help the many doctors that take care of him or her».

Then there is the food sector, where «the Blockchain can certify everything we eat and drink», as pointed out by Massimo Tortorella. And finally, it might also help the tax systems, fighting tax evasion: «Linking the Italian revenue agency to this technology, and certifying the economic situation of a single person in all its passages, might make tax evasion impossible».

In other words, «Blockchain technology can really help states and governments, that should not ban it, but take advantage of it. And fortunately – says Tortorella – many countries are starting to understand this».