Are we ready for the Blockchain revolution? Massimo Tortorella (Consulcesi): «Let’s fight scepticism and embrace novelty»

31.Jan.2019 | Insights

Are we ready for the Blockchain? Are we ready to embrace the huge change that will come with it? Are we ready to face the scepticism that still surrounds it? To convince everybody about its opportunities? To understand how it can help facing the cyber threat? These are some of the questions that were addressed during the event “Are we ready for the cyber threat?”, organised in Chiasso (Switzerland) by EYESWISS SA. Among the speakers, there was also Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi Group, who talked about not only the many advantages that this technology can ensure in every possible sector, but he also tried to explain why many people and countries are still afraid of it.

«Resistance is radically linked to novelty. When steam trains were invented, American farmers thought that cows didn’t make milk because of their noise – said Tortorella -. The first TVs and radios were considered objects of the devil. Nobody thought that the entire communication system one day would have been based on the Internet. When there are big revolutions, there is always much scepticism. And today, with the technological revolution that the Blockchain represents, we are experiencing the same fear. It is difficult to understand a different system, but we need to move on and give space to novelty».

Massimo Tortorella then explained how this technological change will transform different fields, starting from the sector of reference of Consulcesi: healthcare. «Let’s think about the huge implementations that the Blockchain can ensure to clinical records, identification of patients or their course of treatment. Thanks to the Blockchain, then, counterfeit drugs won’t exist anymore, because it makes it impossible to duplicate the same medicine with the same code. It can guarantee better traceability of drugs, by identifying each phase of the supply chain. But let’s think also about other sectors, like education: the Blockchain can make it certain. It is a technology than can cut costs and ensure services and information. That’s why we need to fight any possible fears or worries about it and convince everybody that it will truly improve the quality of our lives».