Watch a football game, call a cab, rent a room: how the Blockchain will revolutionize our lives (safely)

13.Nov.2018 | Press release

“How the Blockchain will revolutionize the business model” – Casaleggio Associati

Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi Tech, at the Casaleggio Associati’s event: “I was cheated in connection with Milan-Juventus purchase ticket last Sunday. Not only VAR, if there was the Blockchain it would not have happened”

Sharing economy, drug traceability, food security, copyright: the “chain of blocks” is the new frontier
to protect citizens and consumers

The Blockchain revolution was at the heart of the Casaleggio Associati’s called “How the Blockchain will revolutionize the business model”. Numerous entrepreneurs debated on the innovative business perspective, but not only: the so-called ‘chain of blocks’ is destined to change our daily lives.

Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi Tech, event partner and hi-tech company specializing in Blockchain and Cybersecurity, underlined the importance of the Blockchain not only on the business paradigm, but only on our habits. Tortorella had an unpleasant incident in connection with the football match, at San Siro stadium, last Sunday. He bought the ticket on one of the most famous web agency but he found out it was a fake ticket when he was right before the entrance turnstile: “Not only VAR – Massimo Tortorella said, – if there was the Blockchain it would not have happened”.

No doubt that was a bad surprise – Tortorella added, – it shown the fragility of the online ticketing service. This field could enormously benefit from the application of the Blockchain technology about issuing process managing, online ticketing registration and verification of their authenticity and correctness”. “Drug traceability, food chain security, copyright – Massimo Tortorella explained, – the Blockchain could be an added value in a lot of field to protect citizens and consumers. Also in our daily habits, like call a cab or rent a room – he said, – therefore all of the services already revolutionized by the ‘sharing economy’, could be involved in the Blockchain. This technology is an advanced technology characterised by security, transparency and reliability”.

Consulcesi Tech sets as its priority – Massimo Tortorella concluded – the investor protection and it has proved it through “ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund”, the first EU regulated investment fund for cryptocurrency and Blockchain”.

Consulcesi Tech serves as partner for the Casaleggio Associati’s event thanks to its own expertise gained through several projects. In addition to “ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund”, we could mention the book “Crypto-Revelation. Why there is no turning back from Blockchain and digital currencies”, presented at the EU Parliament in a debate where all of the speakers underlined the European delay in the sector, the build of the biggest photovoltaic plant in Moldova, a 100 percent environment-friendly facility for the local largest “eco-friendly mining farm” and a MBA in “Blockchain and Economics of Cryptocurrencies”, the first European postgraduate course on the subject, payable with digital currencies jointly with the Link Campus University of Rome.