The Mayor of Chiasso (Switzerland): «The Fintech sector offers great job opportunities for our young people»

08.Feb.2019 | Insights

The Swiss region Ticino has become a Fintech incubator. Many companies and start-ups that work with Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have decided to set their headquarters there. Among these companies, there is also Consulcesi Tech, that recently took part to an event organised in Chiasso, a town in the region.

As explained by its Mayor, Bruno Arrigoni, at the moment the city is cooperating with Criptopolis, a non-profit association that aims at attracting and giving logistic assistance to the new start-ups and companies who are willing to move there: «We have a database that helps us provide them new offices. We are just trying not to hamper new activities».

Mr Arrigoni then focused on the new and different job opportunities that the sector offers to young people: «Our schools – said Arrigoni -, from middle schools to high schools, should push more young people towards the new activities related to the Fintech sector, a whole new and interesting market for our students».

He is therefore happy about the innovation that is deeply transforming the area, giving it the opportunity to «take advantage of its great geographical location».

The Mayor of Chiasso truly believes in these new technologies that «represent the future and will affect the whole world», as he said. When he was asked whether he thinks that cryptocurrencies are just a temporary bubble, he answered: «Also in the New Economy, in 2000-2001, there were many bubble operations, like Tiscali. But that period gave also life to Google, Wikipedia and Facebook. A whole new world was born, and it is definitely worth it to follow it very carefully».