Surveys, market research and e-democracy: the new Hi-Tech avant-Garde is from Switzerland

29.Jan.2019 | Press release

Massimo e Andrea Tortorella, respectively President and CEO of Consulcesi Tech SA, launch their book “Crypto-Revelation. Why there is no turning back from Blockchain and digital currencies” in the Canton of Ticino

Never before the public opinion has called into question the credibility of political polls: British pollsters have been accused for not anticipating the victory of “leave” at the referendum on Brexit and Hillary Clinton’s alleged advantage has turned into the Donald Trum’s victory in the last U.S. presidential election. In the run-up to the long-awaited cantonal election scheduled for next April 7, Switzerland has already served as tech lab in terms of a new democracy through the Blockchain: only a few months ago, thanks to this technology, a test on the vote has been performed in Zugo. It was only the first step to make full use of decentralisation, transparency, security and immutability regarding the Blockchain. The application of the potential of Blockchain technology for surveys and polls can significantly help to improve the quality of the political debate, avoiding unreliable surveying that threaten to disorient the voters. A Copernican Revolution which will also concern market surveys: consumer choices analysis will be targeted and related company’s marketing strategies will be more effective. In recent years, Switzerland has established itself as hub for cutting edge start-ups specializing in Blockchain, the technological infrastructure that formed the basis for cryptocurrencies. This new digital paradigm is destined to change radically not only hi-tech finance but also various aspects of our everyday lives.
The first challenge which needs to be addressed is security: the subject at the heart of the meeting at the city council chambers of Chiasso titled “Are we ready for the cyber threat?” organised by EYESWISS SA. Bruno Arrigoni, mayor of Chiasso, will attend the event.
The meeting is devoted not only to the sensitive issue on the information security, but provides also an overview of the potential of the Blockchain technology thanks to the contribution of Massimo and Andrea Tortorella, respectively President and CEO of Consulcesi Tech SA, during the launch of their bookCrypto-Revelation. Why there is no turning back from Blockchain and digital currencies.
Consulcesi Tech was founded in 2017 as a spin-off of Consulcesi Group, the biggest European company for health professionals, which includes leading companies with decades of experience in several fields like ICT, digital healthcare, consulting in the legal and insurance areas. Leader in Blockchain and Cybersecurity, it chose Switzerland to apply its technological know-how in areas such as education,  training, finance and surveys. Furthermore, Consulcesi Tech serves as lead advisor of ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund, the first regulated fund in the European Union for institutional investors operating in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. 
The winning move which strengthens citizens’ sense of belonging to institutions and, by extension, the participation of the voters in the electionsMassimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi Tech, explains – is focus on a technology able to avoid unreliable and dangerous ‘electoral fake news’. This is a real revolution in the name of the transparency – Massimo Tortorella adds – which is destinated to affect deeply statistical analysis market purposes: finally we will have the certaintly of the data collected.”
Switzerland is confirmed both as leader in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency revolutionAndrea Tortorella, CEO of Consulcesi Tech, emphasises – and hub for firms and professionals operating in this field. We are firmly convinced that the education in this field will be strategic in order to be able to compete in a more and more technological know-how based job market – he concludes.- For this reason, jointly with the Link Campus University, we are launching the first European MBA on “Blockchain and Economics of Cryptocurrencies”, payable in digital currencies.”