Albania is the marketplace of the future: The businesses race in the innovative country

28.Sep.2018 | Press release

Albanian economy grows strong: +4,2% according to harvard data

Consulcesi: “The ‘Albanian miracle’ is the result of Edi Rama’s political choices we are leader of a new international firms network”


Albania is the ‘Promised land’ for companies looking for internalization and new business opportunities, in a political context that facilitates growth and development and registers record numbers even in exports. In fact, according to data and forecasts by Harvard University, thanks to a strong 4.2 percent growth rate, Albania is destined to reach the German income level. The dark times of the economic crisis have now given way to a nation which is a fertile ground for investors from all over the world: natural resources, bureucratic simplification and business culture make the ‘Land of Eagles’ one of the most attractive locations for firms with high technological know-how.

Italy has always been, by linguistic and cultural proximity, an Albania’s privileged partner, and Consulcesi Group, an international legal network specialized in the protection of health professionals, has been present in Albania for years and now wants to further strengthen its activities through Consulcesi Tech, hi-tech division specialized in innovative Blockchain solutions.

Tirana is the symbol of the new Albania, a young and dynamic country that has managed to start a virtuous development mechanism that is even called the ‘Albanian miracle’ at international level. All thanks to the targeted political choices of its Premier, Edi Rama“, explains Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi Group.

The increase of public debt for employment in virtuous economic policies is in fact at the center of the political debate even in Italy, in particular after the Government’s approval of the update note to the Economic and Financial Document (DEF).

Today more than ever, we are convinced that we are in the best country to carry out elsewhere unimaginable business opportunities – underlines Massimo Tortorella – and the next step is to promote in Albania the technological know-how linked to the Blockchain digital revolution, which we have gained thanks to the Consulcesi Tech expertise. Our goal, in fact, is to become the leader of a new international network of innovative firms that bring not only new investments, but above all new ideas and professionalism”.