From Blockchain and Digital Currencies there is no turning back. The book “Crypto-Revelation” explains the revolution.

26.Jun.2018Press release

At Link Campus University the presentation of the book and the launch of the first Master on this topic

ICO, hash, mining, token, Smart Contracts: words not yet known well that announce an epochal change that have to be known to fully exploit their exstraordinary potential

Andrea and Massimo Tortorella, successful Italian entrepreneurs in Italy and abroad, present the guide to understand the future

The volume gives voice to the main experts on this theme and it is embellished by the contributions of the economist Edward Luttwak, and the President of Casaleggio Associati, Davide Casaleggio

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are playing a fundamental role in a real mass digital revolution. However, words like ICO, hash, mining, token and Smart Contracts are not yet part of the common language, but they are essential to orientate in the new technological horizon. For this reason, Andrea and Massimo Tortorella, Italian entrepreneur with a long history of successes in Italy and abroad, have written the essay “Crypto-Revelation” Why there is no turning back from Blockchain and digital currencies” (published by Paesi Edizioni). A real manual that traces the history of this revolution from the origins and it contextualizes it overcoming preconceptions and distrust, catching the extraordinary opportunities and all the advantages.

Interviewing the leading experts in the sector – IT experts, ecomists, entrepreneurs, business consultant, hackers, cyber security experts, journalists, lawyers – and making use of the authoritative contributions of the economist Edward Luttwak, author of the foreword, and of the President of Casaleggio Associati, Davide Casaleggio, Andrea and Massimo Tortorella outline a clear framework even for not experts. Aimed to spread more and more knowledge on the item, according to Link Campus University, the first Master in “Economics of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain” is announced.

«Our goal – Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi Group, says – is to explain this revolution in a simple and clear way. It is important to acquire the knowledge and know how to govern  the innovative processes of Blockchain to be active protagonists of a technological progress destined to change our daily life: regulated funds, copyright, electronic voting and administrative transparency. Consulcesi always accepted fearless the challenges of the future: first of all exploiting the extraordinary potential of  the Internet and now gathering the perspectives of the “block chain” technology. And now we do it thanks to Consulcesi Tech, a hi-tech company specialized in avant-garde solutions about Blockchain».

«Like all the great technological revolutions, – Andrea Tortorella, CEO di Consulcesi Tech, explains – on Blockchain and cryptocurrrencies there are doubts, criticisms, sometimes real anathemas. But the real challenge for entrepreneurs worldwide is to be able to manage innovation, without fear and hesitation, catching the opportunities for everyone».


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