Blockchain, Sassoli (MEP): «The EU played its part. Now it is up to national governments»


Consulcesi Group keeps on meeting the main characters of the European Union. Last week was MEP David Sassoli’s turn, and among the many topics he spoke about there was also the role that the EU plays in the Blockchain field: «The European Parliament has already worked on the matter; now it is up to the national governments, that have to take the decisions of the European Parliament out of the drawers and develop them», said he, referring to the Resolution on distributed ledger technologies and Blockchains that was approved last October.

The European Parliament, as it is possible to read in the Resolution, actually «encourages the Commission and the national competent authorities to swiftly build up technical expertise and regulatory capacity, allowing for rapid legislative or regulatory action if and when appropriate». Something that Member States haven’t implemented yet.

MEP David Sassoli also stressed the role that the public opinion should play in «pushing the national governments to do so», because «they don’t feel enough pression by enterprises and public opinion».

However, Consulcesi Tech has clearly played its part: Massimo and Andrea Tortorella, respectively President and CEO of the company, went to Brussels to meet the main actors who were working on the topic, including the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani. And much more is yet to come.