Bitcoin is now sustainable thanks to Eco-mining. The green challenge of Consulcesi Tech starts from Moldavia.

25.May.2018Press release

From left to right: Massimo Tortorella President of ConsulcesiAndrea Tortorella CEO of Consulcesi Tech

Inaugurated in Chisinau, in the presence of government representatives and Fintech entrepreneurs from all over Europe, the greatest photovoltaic installation in Moldavia, 100% environmentally sustainable, set for the largest mining plant in the entire country.

Andrea Tortorella, CEO of Consulcesi Tech: “Digital currencies and blockchains represent the future and like all technological revolutions, must be handled in terms of environmental sustainability too.”

Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi: “This innovation is known and used by just 0.4% of the world population, but is bound to radically change our way of life »

Solar-powered bitcoin thanks to eco-mining: this is the new frontier under the banner of environmental sustainability, in order to keep the costs of the power consumption required by the IT process called mining, the basis of the creation of new cryptocurrencies, often accused of being “energy-consuming”. The eco-sustainable challenge starts from Moldavia, one of the most advanced countries in Europe in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and that has long been at the forefront of innovative projects in the field of alternative energy sources.

From left to right: Andrea Tortorella CEO of Consulcesi TechChiril Gaburici Minister of Economic Affairs, Industry and for InfrastructureCarlo Garuzzo Founder of FlyRenValeria Biagiotti Ambassador of Italy to the Republic of Moldova

Leading actor of the “green turnaround” of digital currencies is Consulcesi Tech, a hi-tech company specialized in cutting-edge solutions linked to the blockchain, born from the twenty-year experience of Consulcesi Group, which, on direct mandate of the Moldovan Government, together with FLY REN ENERGY COMPANY SRL, a leading company in the production of electricity from solar sources, has built and inaugurated the largest photovoltaic plant in the country. A 100% eco-friendly structure for the largest mining farm in Moldova. The “ribbon cutting ceremony” saw the participation of government representatives, such us Chiril Gaburici, Minister of Economic Affairs, Industry and for Infrastructure; and Tudor Ulianovschi, Minister for European Integration and for Foreign Affairs; together with fintech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from all over Europe.

From left to right: Carlo Garuzzo Founder of FlyRenAndrea Tortorella CEO of Consulcesi Tech

Built directly in the Moldovan Capital, at the Academy of Sciences, thanks to the installation of over 3,000 photovoltaic panels, the plant will save 550 tons of CO2 and 240 TOE (tons of oil equivalent) each year.

«The high energy consumption underlying the functioning of cryptocurrencies can be resolved through the use of alternative sources supported by cutting-edge infrastructures», comments Andrea Tortorella, CEO of Consulcesi Tech, who continues «Digital currencies and blockchain represent the future, and like all technological revolutions, they must be managed so that their impact leads to a significant improvement in the quality of life of all of us, without affecting environmental sustainability ».

«Consulcesi Group has chosen to embrace innovation – concludes Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi – because cryptocurrencies, and above all the “blockchains” at their base, even today known and used by just 0.4% of the world population, are destined to radically change the way we live”.


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