MBA in Blockchain and
Economics of Cryptocurrencies

Financial techniques and digital technology are progressively merging; in this rapidly evolving environment it is necessary to introduce a new approach to the study of the subject combining the technical study and the development of programming skills with an economic approach and at an interdisciplinary level, starting from a general macroeconomic perspective, and then focusing on the company, moving to consider the potential development of blockchain in the security, public administration and intelligence sectors and then evaluate the legal and privacy aspects.

A second part of the course is culminating with an internship for the realisation of a widespread blockchain system for saving academic and curriculum data of students, a practical example of application of the technology itself.


Basic course topics

  • Logic and structure of the blockchain;
  • Current and potential uses of the blockchain;
  • Economic and functional classification of cryptocurrencies, and analysis of the main company projects;
  • Analysis of the internationally compared fiscal legal aspects of cryptocurrencies;
  • Analysis of the financial markets and of the trading characteristics of the cryptocurrency;
  • Analysis of the communication needs related to high-tech projects, with special attention for blockchain applications.

Professional outcomes

The acquisition of specific knowledge in the field of advanced finance will be particularly profitable for those who:

  • want to get closer to the Fintech world, which is currently in great expansion, from a professional point of view;
  • intend to propose themselves in the financial world for their own knowledge of the performance of the crypto currencies markets, whose modality and volatility are not very comparable with ordinary financial markets;
  • desire to study new interdisciplinary approaches that cross new technologies with the traditional economic or administrative sectors.



1 year

E-learning lessons

Italian and english

Scientific fields

Predominant science sector: SECS P09 Corporate Finance

Related scientific sectors: SECS P07 Business Administration; SECS P01 Political Economy; SECS P11 Economics of financial intermediaries; SECS S01 Statistics; MAT 08 Numerical Analysis; INF 01 Information technology; IUS 01 Private law; IUS 12 Private law; IUS 13 Comparative international law.

Registration Procedure

Is it possible to formalize the registration online, clicking to

Or by going to the Link Campus University headquarters in Rome, Via del Casale San Pio V, 44 – 00165 Rome


The cost of the Master ammont to € 2,900.00 (plus € 500.00 registration fee)

It is possible to purchase the individual modules (Technical or Economic) at the cost of € 1,000.00 obtaining a Certificate of attendance, but not the academic title.

If you choose bank tansfer payments the you can use the details as below:

Banca Sella

  • Addressed to Link Campus University
  • IBAN: IT41G 03268 03212 052855885524


Duration of the course

From the date of admission to the master, the student has 12 months to complete the training course.

The contents of the master will be available both in Italian and in English and will be held in e-learning mode through the Link Campus University platform.

The detail of the modules are available below:

  • Unit 1 – Blockchain and Economics of Cryptocurrencies
  • Unit 2 – Blockchain and Economics of Cryptocurrencies
  • Unit 3 (Module Major 1 – Smart Contract) – Blockchain and Economics of Cryptocurrencies
  • Unit 3 (Module Major 2 – Tracking and Data Management on Blockchain) – Blockchain and Economics of Cryptocurrencies
  • Unit 3 (Module Major 3 – Fintech and Payment Systems with Cryptocurrencies) – Blockchain and Economics of Cryptocurrencies
  • Unit 3 (Module Major 4 – Health and Blockchain) – Blockchain and Economics of Cryptocurrencies of Cryptocurrencies


It is possible to choose whether to follow the entire Program, for a total of 100 hours, with the subsequent issue of the MBA Diploma Certificate, or the specific technical modules with the acquisition of a Certificate of attendance.

The complete module consist of the two Basic modules and at least one Technique module, where will be provided tests and exercises for learning assessment, case studies for in-depth analysis and mailing about the news of the topic. All members will also receive in-depth studies up to one year after the ending of the master.

The achievement of credits corresponding to the various activities provided during the MBA is subject to passing written exams (or other forms of verification of profit)  with a grade expressed in thirtieths. According to the difficulty of the module will be credited in proportion Crediti Formativi Universitari (CFU/ECTS.) At the end of all the courses, students will be awarded with 60 CFU (Credito Formativo Universitario)/ECTS

The conferment of the Master’s degree is subject to passing a final exam decided by the Scientific Committee, in which the Director of the Master takes part, with a vote expressed in one hundred and tenths and possible mention of praise.

An internship at the company Consulcesi Tech will be offered to the most deserving students.

Scientific Committee

Piergiorgio Valente

Fabio Lugano
Director of the MBA, Consultant in the Cryptocurrency Sector, 2CBL LLC

Antonio Maria Rinaldi
Teacher of Political Economics at Link Campus University

Marco Biagetti
PhD in Economics, La Sapienza University of Rome

Bepi Pezzulli
Investment Director, Capital Crypto S.A.

Vincenzo Vespri
Professor of Mathematics and Information Technology, University of Florence


Prof. Fabio Lugano
Director of the MBA, Consultant in the cryptocurrency sector for 2CBL LLC

Prof. Antonio Maria Rinaldi
Teacher of Political Economics at Link Campus University

Prof. Piergiorgio ValentePresident of Scientific Committee of the MBA, Founder and Managing Partner of Valente Associati GEB Partners

Prof. Marco Biagetti
Economist for the Department of Development and Cohesion Policies

Prof. Marcello Bussi
Journalist for MF/Milano Finanza

Prof. Bepi Pezzulli
Lawyer in Italy, Solicitor in England and Wales, Attorney at Law in New York

Prof. Vincenzo Vespri
Professor of Mathematics and Information Technology at the University of Firenze