ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund


The Malta Financial Security Authority (MFSA) has issued the license for ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund, the first European regulated investment fund in the world dedicated to listed companies and financial products based on the Blockchain technology and the main cryptocurrencies. This is the latest project of “Magiston Funds Sicav Plc” (, a regulated Malta-based SICAV. It has been created thanks to the expertise of Consulcesi Tech together with its network of advisors.
The ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund aims to overcome the old exchange system, which has shown considerable criticalities especially on security, proposing an alternative instrument able to guarantee transparency and convenience for professional investors.

Over the last 18 months Consulcesi Tech, together with a group of international experts such as Core Asset Management SA, Aurum Trust & Finance SA, Mashfrog SpA and the Link Campus University, has performed an in-depth analysis of the crypto market focusing in particular on market valuation price volatility and inhered investors and settlement risks. This team of specialist will continue to monitor the rapid evolution on the fintech market, creating valuable synergies in asset allocation, investment management and risk management of cryptocurrency portfolios. Consulcesi Tech will profit in the future from this expertise and believes that a rigorous and structured investment process can generate continuous returns and volatility reduction.

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