Blockchain value model


Over the last ten years few things have changed dramatically and permanently the tech industry:

  • “Software is eating the world” (from Wall Street Journal): we see that every day and every where.
    Examples: transportation (Uber), hotels (Airbnb), entertainment (Netflix).
  • “Open Source has won” (from ComputerWorld): even Microsoft joined the coopetition model.
    Examples: E-commerce & Cloud (Amazon), Social Media (Facebook), Retail (Walmart).
  • “Bitcoin is the new Gold” (from Bloomberg): how money changes hands is evolving, for good.
    Examples: Bitcoin resilience, Ethereum versatility and the ICO phenomenon.

Consulcesi Tech came up with a rock solid and unique business framework that encompasses all these aspects together, unveiling the power of Blockchain technologies by bringing together four building blocks:

To enter the crypto market with confidence Consulcesi Tech has brought together the cream of the crop, cherry picking people from the financial, crypto and open source world.

Our first steps are the result of an integrated vision: we start by engaging with techies and young entrepreneurs by providing them with a physical and virtual space to interact, we help them to bring their ideas to life by taking advantage of our training facilities and experienced mentorship along with an infrastructure that enables mining, token creation and management and ultimately we help them to grow by accessing our financial capability to easily and quickly convert crypto assets.

In short Consulcesi Tech covers all aspects of a Blockchain-based business, from its inception to its evolution, providing a unique support throughout all stages. Our team can actually evaluate and assess opportunities, invest in the most promising ones, eventually helping wanna-be entrepreneurs to connect with developers and investors from all over the world, plus providing local and virtual facilities to make it happen.