Consulcesi Tech is investing in the growth of Digital Bliz

In April 2019 Consulcesi Tech and Digital Bliz have signed an important partnership and Consulcesi Tech is now a shareholder. DigitalBliz provides the most reliable updated tool set dedicated to specialists in Security and Asset Token Trading as well as Crypto-Currency professional dealers and analysts.

About Digital Bliz

DigitalBliz LTD is a London based Financial Technology Corporation. The Group provides blockchain-related financial services through the London Headquarters and its two subsidiaries: DigitalBliz Technologies LTD, a Dubai based and DIFC regulated company, and DigitalBliz LTD Lugano, the Swiss branch of DigitalBliz London.

Deep4 – Professional Edition

DigitalBliz Deep4 is a Cross Exchanges and the Deep Explorer for Security plus, Utility Tokens and Cryptocurrency with the most complete and fast data gathering instrument available in the market.
It is the essential tool-kit for any wise decision on crypto-markets based on proprietary algorithms. Find out more

Product is available for purchasing on

Deep4C – Retail Edition

Deep4C mobile App: the ultimate and easiest way to Crypto-Arbitrage! Deep4C is simple and profitable: for the selected cryptocurrency, it displays the different prices on the diverse Exchanges, allowing a very simple arbitrage.

Available for FREE on

Deep4 key features

Dynamic and reliable Exchanges Rank List, based on predetermined specifications, being fair and impartial

Real time average value for the monitored cryptocurrencies (DigitalBliz Single Coin Index) and relevant values on different Exchanges

Continuous updated unique Deep4 crypto-index, based on pre-determined specifications

Reliable Data Gathering of non-fungible Security Tokens, displayed on a dedicated dashboard, offering a complete set of features