“Blockchain in healthcare: security, transparency and data democracy”. From smart contracts to drug traceability, the healthcare digital revolution

12.Nov.2018 | Press release

Viale Regina Elena, 299 (Rome)

Andrea Tortorella, CEO of Consulcesi Tech, took part in the round table organised by the National Institute
of Health: “The health sector is ideal for the application of the Blockchain technology, which will provide
new solutions to the needs of citizens, operators and institutions

Consulcesi Tech will be main character of the Casaleggio Associati’s event
“Digital future of business between companies” tomorrow in Milan


Blockchain and health, a combination that could have an unedited sound for those who know the famous “chain of blocks” only as the technology behind cryptocurrencies; in fact, its key features (decentralization, transparency, security and immutability) make the Blockchain the new technological paradigm destined to change healthcare forever.

The main topic of the event called “Blockchain in Health: security, transparency and data democracy” at the National Institute of Health, for the leading experts in the field in a debate on the possible solutions this technology brings for the problems afflicting worldwide national health systems: secure processing of the patient data, counterfeiting of drugs, audit trail in research.

Andrea Tortorella, Ceo of Consulcesi Tech, hi-tech division of Consulcesi Group, European leading company for health professionals, during the round table entitled “What is Blockchain good for?” explained: «Italy has a duty to be leader of this technological revolution, because our national health system is constantly under pressure as a consequence of the progressive ageing population».

We need new technological models for taking care of people – Andrea Tortorella underlined – and suffice it to say that the Blockchain will make it possible to verify the patient digital identity, keep track of the history of medical prescriptions, administration of drugs and related treatment. Through smart contracts – Tortorella explained – the entire wearable medical devices scene would achieve a great improvement in quality, from a data protection point of view, unimaginable for us today. It shortly will be a real chance to validate the identity of healthcare providers and drugs against fraud and counterfeiting.

The topic of pharmaceutical traceability – Andrea Tortorella added – is dealt with the MBA in “Blockchain and Economics of Cryptocurrencies” we are launching jointly with the Link Campus University of Rome, and in the bestseller “Crypto-Revelation. Why there is no turning back from Blockchain and digital currencies” (publishing by Paesi Edizioni) at the top of the best seller list on Amazon and IBS”. “Tomorrow we will offer our expertise in the Casaleggio Associati’s event entitled “How the Blockchain will revolutionize the business model”, which will take place in Milan. We are partner thanks to our project “ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund”, the first EU regulated investment fund for cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, of which Consulcesi Tech serves as lead advisor“.