A great chain of events beween challenges and successes

14.Nov.2018 | Press release

Bitcoin in my Christmas hamper… I wonder maybe I’ll get rich“. It was December 2017. The most popular cryptocurrency had just hit $ 17,000 and the news agencies had delivered this news with great media clamour. Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi Group, interviewed by the Tg1 (the principal Italian news) and anticipated the tech turning point of Consulcesi, the biggest European company in the medical and healthcare fields.

It was a new direction based on decades of experience in ICT, in digital healthcare and in legal and insurance consultancy. Consulcesi Tech was founded as a spin-off of Consulcesi in order to manage the complex technological processes of the Group and quickly became a reference point at international level.

The company rapidly expanded and became a partner in dialogue on Blockchain and Fintech in the world. Within a few months it served as consulting firm to the Moldovan Ministry of Economy in order to work together towards building the local Technological Park for Innovation through an eco-friendly cryptocurrency mining project to solar energy. It needed a new headquarter in Chisinau, the Moldovan capital, in addition to London, Lugano, Rome and Tirana. Central Balkan region has always been very important for the strategic development of the ambitious projects. They have been transformed quickly from the concept to the implementation: that is the case with “Crypto-Revelation. Why there is no turning back from Blockchain and digital currencies”. The book was published by Paesi Edizioni and climbed up the Amazon and Ibs charts.

“Crypto-Revelation” was at the top of the sector-specific charts immediately after the presentation at the Link Campus University in Rome (on the same occasion the first MBA in “Blockchain and Economics of CRyptocurrencies” was announced).

The authors of the book are Massimo and Andrea Tortorella, respectively President and Ceo of Consulcesi Tech. They have been leadind actors characters of the media debate and have been invited in the main meetings to illustrate in plain language (the one chosen to “explain the Blockchain to their mother”) the incredible potential of this revolutionary technology and its great opportunities.

Andrea Tortorella worked on the subject at the UDC National Convention in Fiuggi with some political figures: the European Parliament Vice President David Sassoli (Pd-Pse), Guido Crosetto (Fratelli d’Italia), Renato Brunetta (Forza Italia). After a few weeks, Massimo and Andrea Tortorella presented the book at the European Parliament to President Antonio Tajani in Brussels in a press conference with the partecipation of MEPs from across the political spectrum: for example Eva Kaili, Fulvio Martusciello and Andreas Schwab.

During the meeting “ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund”, the first regulated fund for cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, was presented. The fund required the need for a global regulation in the field.

A regulatory framework has become the key issue. Consulcesi Tech serves as lead advisor for “ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund” and constitutes a cornerstone on this subject. The regulation, in fact, is a central theme in the major international events in the field: 2018 Crypto Fund Forum in Londra, ICO Race in Lugano and most recently World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, Malta Blockchain Summit and Casaleggio Associati’s event called “How the Blockchain will revolutionize the business model”. Consulcesi Group incessantly continues to pay attention especially to the subject of health and dialogues with institutions to find the most Blockchain-based advanced technological solutions: Andrea Tortorella has been invited as speaker at the National Institute of Health workshop entitled “Blockchain in Healtcare” to explain the great potential of this new digital paradigm in healthcare.