The Blockchain island is betting on regulation as a driver of innovation

06.Nov.2018 | Press release


Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi Tech: «Legal certainty and innovation, that’s a winning combination, “ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund”, the first EU regulated investment fund for cryptocurrency and Blockchain, proves that»


On November 1, 2018, came into force in Malta three laws laying down a regulatory framework on Blockchain, cryptocurrency and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). This way, Malta confirms that it is a global leading country in legal certainty on the subject. It is an EU Member State and worldwide investors aim that this regulation takes root across the European Union, persuading other countries to follow the virtuous Maltese example.
The need for a common regulation that promotes innovation and, at the same time, protects investors was one of the topics at the Malta Blockchain Summit, an international event with over 8,000 partecipants (investors, company representatives and experts in the field), included Consulcesi Tech, hi-tech company specialized in Blockchain and Cybersecurity.
Legal certainty and innovation, that’s a winning combinationMassimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi Tech, says – because it is important to constitute a regulatory framework for revolutionary Blockchain evolutions. This field can and must be regulated to the benefit of consumers and investors: we proved that thanks to “ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund”, the first EU regulated investment fund for cryptocurrency and Blockchain”.
The Malta Financial Security Authority, in fact, has recently issued a license to set up the fund, created in partnerhip with Mashfrog, a leading Fintech company, which launched the first European ICO on AI applied to Robo-advisors.
We are up for a breakthrough also from the point of view of cybersecurity, one of the weaknesses of the traditional exchange platforms – Massimo Tortorella underlines, – for this reason, regarding the fund, we are willing to talk about a partnership with John McAfee, owner of the famous antivirus leading in the sector.
During the event there was much attention to ICOs field, as shown by the presence of the entrepreneurs Daniele Viganò, CIO and Co-founder of CoinShare, and Luigi Maisto, CEO and Co-Founder of Coinshare, that launched an Initial Coin Offering for a social shopping collaborative platform based on Blockchain. It is creating such a success with its entrepreneurial community.
Consulcesi Tech took part in summit thanks to its expertise gained through numerous projects. Some examples are briefly given below. The book “Crypto-Revelation. Why there is no turning back from Blockchain and digital currencies”, presented at the EU Parliament in Brussels during a debate where all of the speakers highlighted the European delay in the field. The opening of the biggest photovoltaic plant in Moldova, a 100 percent eco-friendly structure for the largest local “eco-mining farm”. The launch, in cooperation with the Link Campus University, of a MBA in “Blockchain and Economics of Cryptocurrencies”, the first European postgraduate course on the subject payable with digital currencies.